Melinda is a writer, gardener, certified holistic nutritionist, transformation coach and advocate of personal freedom and self mastery.  Her mission is to help women get free from the unconscious programs and socialization that keeps them from being their true self, from feeling whole, and ultimately achieving what they want in life.

Having embarked on her own profound journey of self discovery, self acceptance and redefinition, she believes the path to true happiness and fulfillment in life lies in the continued journey of self discovery: disconnecting from the projections and expectations of the world around us, discovering and connecting with who we really are and what makes us tick, and ultimately creating our own path through life, one that is led with the heart and soul.  

Melinda teaches a unique process of life navigation and self discovery through her writing and private coaching.  She lives in Calgary with her two cats and the love of her life.


Have a burning question, an idea or just want to share your thoughts?  Let's chat!  I would love to hear from you.  I am always looking out for ways I can connect and help you more.


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 Hi, it's me, Melinda!

 Hi, it's me, Melinda!